Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The pierce 1

I actually have 2 Pierce Dollhouses that are in need of rehabbing.!!  Here is a link to the first one I recieved from a wonderful Mini Friend. I have not yet had time to work on it as I dont have room right now to set it up and start rehab work.!! I am working on decluttering and rearranging my work area now so hopefully I can get started very soon.... alot of Real Life stuff has stepped in my way but I hope to be able to work on this one soon.

Pierce Dollhouse 1

Just a few things I have made ....

I have made alot of different things for my Dollhouses, these are the windsocks that I have made... I really enjoy making these and they really turn out adorable.!!  I am also selling these so if you are interested Please let me know.!!