Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On the work table......

Is the Brookfield. I took it completely apart, because it was built with hot glue. Hot glue is a big no no for building dollhouses. I use aleenes tacky glue.  
I also put up an old card table in the workroom so I could get started on the next house as well. I've been trying to patient while the paint and glue dry on the Brookfield. but I have big plans and want to get these houses built and sold ! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's so noisy in here.....

I get a headache every time I walk in my craft room... everyone is yelling at the same time what they want to be. The McKinley wants to be hung in my living / dining room... it wants to be decorated like my Nanny decorated her own home. I have some of the furniture waiting for it.
The Newburg is yelling for its bed, and is complaining that it doesn't have a tub, sink or toilet !! The Franklin wants to be brick.... and  decorated in an Americana theme. The San Fran still wants to be a Light house and wants painted White, with a Nautical theme interior. The Alexandria wants to be a Bed & Breakfast. I also have some pieces of wood that are screaming to be a roombox, and its already got its theme picked out.! Its a rated R theme so I would tell you until I have it all figured out. Then I have a handmade house that wants torn down, ceilings lowered and it wants to be a saloon with a Brothel upstairs, 2 rooms with a wash room in the middle. Oh and dare I forget to add the staircase... must be rather fancy... it's ideas are out of my league.! The Bostonian has decided it wants to hold ALL my furniture until I get the others finished. But, Of course, it wants its old Real life carpet ripped up, floors redone, ceiling and wall painted as well.... I will admit though its not as demanding as the others, it is content to wait on its exterior... I explained it may be a while before I get to that...

I really need to declutter !!!!

Craft room

Well, its rather a mess ! I just moved everything from a much larger room into here. I am thrilled with the shelves, and have so many ideas.! I really need to get all my rehab houses done so they can either move to their new homes or be permanent residences here.! I am excited to go thru all the boxes and sort what I will be keeping for the houses I will be keeping.!
I am still organizing and decluttering.... so much to go thru... I am finding new things every day !
My sewing machine is supposed to be on the desk there... I have alot more organizing and decluttering to do.
WOW, What a MESS !!!! The Bostonian is sitting there in the corner filled with misc. stuff. ! The San Fran is there is as well waiting patiently for me to finish the 2 I am selling. The Townhouse is also waiting Patiently. The Townhouse is made from Foam Core and will need a couple new pieces, Its very lightweight. I have so many ideas for it.!
LOVE the Shelves.!   The Victorias Farmhouse is begging me to bring her down.... She has some new ideas.... Oh Boy, thats gonna be some work, she no longer likes the wall I put in  seperating the upstairs rooms... So that means all new wallpaper and ripping that wall out.! YIKES !


Just need to attach the door and she is all ready !
She's another rehab that needed alot of love. She is ready to go to her new home very soon.!

Current project

She's waiting patiently on my worktable.  We havent quite decided if she will get a total rehab including exterior paint. I am not a fan of pink, but her new owner may be. I believe this one is sold and I am just waiting for confirmation. Once I know for sure I will  speak with new owner about the colors she wants.

Unfortunatly, shes put together with hot glue so she may have to come apart and be completely rebuilt. I usually try not to  take them apart but I do NOT like hot glue.
Floors need redone, walls & Ceing painted. Windows are all intact. I will have to make her a new door... and I am really not excited about that curved door, Thankfully I can use the other house door for a template.!