Sunday, January 12, 2014


Unfortunatly, This week I found one of my photos being used without my permission. I have now added a copyright statement to my blog. I don't mind someone using my photos for personal use, Or using my photos and linking back to my blog.

Please have respect and ask to use photos online that do not belong to you. We work hard to make the items, photograph and write about them.

I am sure you would not like to see everyones photos with a big copyright signature across it, it would most definatly take away from the art.

 ©2014 by Kelly Nail

©2014 by Kelly Nail. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mouse in the dollhouse

This little mouse was the first animal I have made and I think he is adorable. LOL.  Everyone thought I was silly when I made him...


Windsocks were the first miniature accessory I made.... I still make these and have some for sale.... I will be adding a page for all the things I have for sale. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Fall Windsock
This windsock is yellow, and has a Fall Leaf on the top.

Halloween Windsock
This windsock has a ghost and the word BOO ! on the top.

Queen cast iron Miniature cook stove

The Queen cook stove was in a box of miniatures I purchased along with a rehab house on July 15,2008.  
It is a really beautiful piece, came with the burners and a few pots and pans.  
If you know anything about these cast iron miniature cook stoves please leave a comment. 
I am hoping to find some information about them,a little history maybe. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Day In The Life ......

I've been working on miniatures for several years now, I believe it's been about 13 years now that I have been building and rehabbing dollhouses. My first build was The Ashley by  Duracraft.  The Ashley really got the bug started.

I am currently working on The Columbian by Duracraft. It sits proudly on my work table.  The Columbian is a rehab. I acquired it a few years ago, it was in bad shape. It is going to be a shabby chic cottage. It has a pretty stone front. The living and kitchen areas are done in a neutral beige with white trim. The bathroom is done in a pale yellow with white trim, and the bedroom is done in a pale pink with white trim. I will be posting photos as soon as I get them uploaded. The Columbian will be listed for sale very soon. 

Please check back soon if you are interested. 
You may also send me an email at: 

I will eventually put a page up with the houses, furniture and accessories I have for sale. 

My dream has been to open a small shop up with handmade items made by local crafters. I don't know if that dream will ever come true. I will be turning one of my houses into a little shop just like I've  dreamed of. I've been in a few swaps where I have received some amazing items and will display those items as well as some of my own, with credit given to those who I have swapped with. I will also have a blog with photos about the house build or rehab, and photos and descriptions as well as credit given to those items creator of Each item in the shop. I ve been in a few swaps so when I get this started, if you see an item you made Please let me know. 

Thank you. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shenandoah is on the table....

Well, we brought the Shenandoah upstairs last night. We have a few finishing touches to do today... and of course we need to glue the porch roof back on.... and a few trim pieces that fell. It needs a good dusting. I am excited to get started on it this morning.... I will try to get some photos of it today... There is very little to do on this one so it will be a quick fix up, and it will return to the craft room sometime tomorrow after the glue is completely dried.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Calm before the storm.....

We are relaxing today waiting for the storm to hit. The Meterologists are predicting about 1- 6 inches here by tomorrow morning. Windchills will drop to about -20 by Tuesday. 
We went out this morning for bread and milk, considering the schools will probably call Snow Days !!!  It is currently raining.... and should start snowing very soon. 
I will be bring The Shenandoah Log cabin upstairs to the Dining room to reglue the front porch roof on. During our big move of the Basement, my youngest son grabbed the roof of the house and it pulled loose. The Shenandoah  is his.... and he wants it  finished as a Hunting cabin. We will be making all the Furnishings for it... I will do my best to blog our progress.... Currently it has the wood furniture that came with the kit... we will be dressing that up a bit... adding blankets and hunting accessories.
The Shenandoah Log Cabin by Duracraft.
The Shenandoah Log cabin is made from MDF. I am not a big fan of the MDF, it is not stainable like wood. We used different shades of brown on the wood to make it look like wood. The Chinking in between the slats is watered down drywall mud, it was a messy process but it looks good. We used a medicene syringe to distribute the mud in the cracks.  The porch floor is make from egg cartons.

Kellee's Mini Kreations

Happy New Year to Everyone.!  Today is the start of my new blog. I may not get to write everyday but I will do my best. This blog will capture a lot about my miniatures and dollhouses. I will share what I am working on from kit houses, built from scratch to rehab houses. I will share my many accessories, and furniture building.  I would love to learn several things this year, needle felting, foods from polymer clay, making furniture, and making dolls are among a few things I want to learn this year. I love miniatures and do alot of  rehabbing of old dollhouses that need alot of TLC. I will share some tips I have learned along the way with miniatures and dollhouse building.! 
I am in the process of moving my other blogs about my miniatures into this blog. Hopefully it will be much easier to read. Thank you for your patience.
I hope you enjoy your time here....