Thursday, February 20, 2014

My First Dollhouse

My Nanny and Grandpa got me my first dollhouse as a child. There isa funny story that goes along with it.  I was young maybe 3 or 4, and my grandparents and mom were talking about putting up the Christmas tree. I walked in and told my Nanny " Nanny, you put up the chrissy tree and I'll get my dollhouse out from under your bed. " lol, needless to say she was not happy.
My first dollhouse was the Fisher Price Dollhouse.
I still have the Nursery, Living Room chair & sofa, Coffee table and fireplace, Kitchen table set, Kitchen Set, Bathroom set and Bedroom set.

The Pierce by Greenleaf

The Pierce was given to me by a wonderful Mini Friend. It is in need of a total rehab. This is what it looked like when I picked it up.
 I enjoy rehabbing dollhouses !
I love to see them AFTER the rehab.!  

Currently it is sitting in the corner of my work table all flat.!

 I stained the first floor and painted the porch area.

I took it completely apart. Mudded all the walls, after peeling off the crunchy wallpaper.

I have not started sanding it yet.... waiting for better weather so I can take it outside and sand the drywall mud off.! Less dust to clean up after.!
This room is the Kitchen....

I just need to clean off my work table so I can start rebuilding it....

This room is upstairs over the Kitchen...
This room will eventually be the upstairs bathroom.

This is the upstairs room above the living room, it would make a lovely Master bedroom but the staircase comes up to the right.... so Guests would have to come thru the master to use the restroom.!!!

Looking down.... it needs alot of work!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Frame SOLD

back side of A-Frame house, this panel is removable

front door & Porch

interior of house, 2 rooms on bottom floor and 1 on second floor.
back side of house, garage ?

bottom floor (garage area ?)

upstairs ceiling.

upstairs window

upstairs skylight

Organizing and decluttering

I am decluttering and organizing my craft room. I am currently debating if I want to sell some of my kits and make room boxes. The room boxes would give me more room, I think. Room boxes I could hang on the wall. Dollhouses I can't. ! 
I have several ideas for roomboxes and will start working on a few of them. I will be posting several of my kits and houses for sale.
I have alot cleaned out and just need to organize alot more... I will be posting about my organization of the craft room as well.... Ive searched all over the net for pics of craft rooms of a miniaturist and there are not many. I am working on how I will display my houses as well... I'll share that as well.!

The A Frame

I am moving all my blogs into one... it will make it much easier for myself as well as all of my friends and followers. This post was made Oct.30, 2011 on my old blog.  The house has since SOLD !!

The A Frame house with the back off. The Removable wall allows for play on both sides.

Another shot of the side with the removable panel off.

The A frame house with the side on.

Inside of house with wall on..... lots of possiblities here.

The room off the porch.... love the windows and french doors.!

This is the upstairs room..... it runs the length of the house and is very good sized.

another shot of the upstairs.
Last night my Husband took our oldest son and his buddy to the Trail of Fears,(Haunted forest). The boys had a great time and our sons buddy ended up spending the night.... so this morning they helped me carry the A Frame house outside to sand the roof and work on tearing up the flooring.! We sanded the roof, puttied the roof, scraped up all the flooring... and sanded a little. I am not sure what this house is going to look like as I can not wrap myself around it just yet.... Unfortunately the tile flooring the last owner had in the house made the floors extremely sticky so I am not sure how I am going to get that off to stain the floors... so I am thinking the Popsicle sticks will be the way to go with this one..

I posted this house on Craigslist as is and it only lasted 2 days.... I am glad it went to a family with Children who will love the house. I had no inspiration on this one...