Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Agatha & Agnes

The sisters are having a great time. Agatha wants me to finish the Pierce rehab for them. Agnes doesn't care as long as she has a bed to sleep in. I had to sit them down today and explain that I feel the Pierce is too large. I just don't have room for that big of a house. When it is finished being rehabbed it is going up for sale. I was thinking of building a townhouse for them. I have it in my head just don't have the means for it right now. It would have 4 floors, cellar for the potions, 1st floor would be the parlor and kitchen, 2 &3 rd floor would be a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedrooms would be decorated in the colors of the sisters skirts. I have an Allison Jr. That I was going to sell, but I am thinking of keeping it and letting the sisters have it. It's a rehab so it won't need much work if I give it to them. They want the house to look aged. Maybe if I take them both out of the room until I get it finished they wont be able to tell its the Allison Jr. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peek a Boo

Looks like Agnes has been hiding in the see thru plastic drawars.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pierce, cant you just see the possibilities ?

Not really !
Ok, maybe....
I tried to tell you the Pierce is torn apart and in a box ! She wants run down, she's got it. !
The other pic of the Pierce is the one sitting on the table, waiting to be rehabbed.
Ms. Witch does not want the one sitting on the table. She likes the 1st floor layout, the parlor is great, the dining area.... could be kitchen and dining, then the kitchen could be the potion storage....
but the 2nd floor needs some major rearranging. I'm afraid to ask.  She said something about the staircase placement, bathroom placement and the bedrooms would have to be the exact same square footage.  The attic area would be great for storage, potion storage, and maybe a library area....
I don't have room for the larger houses. I was hoping she would pick one of the smaller houses. They are witches, come from a long line of witches, but they are good witches. Ms. Witch wants me to fix her hair, so she can remove her hat.  She loves to cook stews. The Pierce is very close to their childhood home. It was rather run down, needed too much work. She wants this Pierce to be solid but look run down, aged. She wants a little landscaping  around the front. 
I currently have 2 projects on the worktable, the Columbian and the Allison Jr. Once those are finished I will start on the Washington. I promised Nana I would work on her house as soon as those 2 were finished.  Then ill start on the mans apartment,  it'll be a quick fix. Then the witches will have their say. I sure hope her sister turns up soon. 

Allison jr. Are you serious ?

This photo was taken down stairs at the front door. She likes the wallpaper a little. She is NOT happy with the name of the home. I told her she can change to whatever she likes.  This home has 3 floors. The 1st floor would be the living room and kitchen,2nd floor would be bedrooms, 3rd floor would be potion room and bathroom. She thinks the bedrooms would be too small, and the kitchen is way too small. I explained we don't have to stick with the original floor plan. We can add a room off the kitchen, the could share the 2 nd floor and put both beds in there with no wall separating, and use the roof of the room we added on downstairs as a patio. She just laughed, said I had no clue, since I am an only child ! She wants her privacy. Well, we could add another room above the first floor room and split the rooms so they both have the exact same amount of room. OK, I've given my ideas. Maybe she should wait till her sister reappears.

The Columbian will NOT do !

It's just to small ! There is no place for her potions, 2 bedrooms and a large kitchen....... next up is the Allison Jr.

In over my head

Well, I'm in over my head. Ms. Witch is causing some trouble. Nana and her got in a argument last night . Ms.Witch wants the scratch built Washington house. Nana asked for it first and I promised it to her. I gave Ms. Witch a few other options the Columbian, Allison Jr., or Tiffany.  She says she'd think about the Allison , but the other 2 or too small. When I went down last night to collect the trash she asked about the pieces sticking out of a box on the floor, I told her it was the Pierce house, but its in horrible shape. I'm not even sure I can save it. We talked for a few and I explained I thought the Allison would be good for the 2 of them. She asked for pics of the Pierce, unfortunately or fortunately I don't have pics of the Pierce. I do have a Pierce already built sitting on the table in the workroom. I hope she don't realize it, I think its too big for just the 2 of them.
I went to bed last night hoping she don't figure out that's a Pierce sitting on the table.  This morning I sat down with my first cup of coffee and heard a horrible commotion downstairs. Ms. Witch woke everyone.  She figured out the houses are the same and accused me of lien. I did not lie to her, I don't have any pics of the Pierce, she did not ask me if I had a already built Pierce.  She does not want the Pierce on the table she wants the Pierce on the floor torn apart, tossed neatly in a box ! She says it will give them plenty of room. Is she crazy? Lets not answer that ?I don't want to keep either house, they are too big. I wanted to sell both of them, or dump the one, its bad, but she wants it.
She explained a little about the family.... they come from a long line of witches. But they are nice witches. She wants the home to look like the one they grew up in... apparently the Pierce looks just like it....she wants it sorta run down, lol, its run down alright !!!   She also has a list of things she wants in the house, renovations done to the house, and she has a few personal things she'd like me to help her with.
I feel way in over my head, I have so many projects to do, including my own home.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Witches, yep, thats what I said.......

The witch likes Agatha, Esmeralda, and Eusebia, although she cant pronounce the last one yet.  She has asked me to locate her twin sister. She's hiding in my stash somewhere. I don't think she liked the house that was available at the time. The house the witch lives in currently is very run down, its a Tiffany. My boys turned it into a haunted house when the were younger. I am assuming her twin will be moving into the new house when its built, ok she said she'd cast a spell, so I promised her a new house, not so run down but old. She requested 2 bedrooms and a large kitchen so she can cook her stews.  Shes been looking thru all my houses. She walked away for a few minutes and I noticed she had been drawing something.... looks weird to me but I  believe its the blueprint of what she has in mind. I sure hope its not a scratch build.


Nana as I'm calling her does not want to be called Grandma.  She likes the names Florence or Victoria.  She wants a pretty name, I suggested Rose. She likes my ideas for Fisher or Price for her last name.  She just has to decide which will be her maiden name and what will be her married name. She would like to wait until her husband is found. Hes been hiding in my stash for a while now. She also mentioned she like the scratch built Washington house. It needs a new roof and the porch redone. I told her that would be fine but she may have to wait a while.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Man

This Gentleman has been hiding in my stash for a while.  He is not poseable. There is no writing on him anywhere.
He hasn't come up with a name he likes yet. I'm leaning toward MR. Percival Potts. There are a few Percival's in my Grandfathers line. One served in the war of 1812. He is single, and wants to stay that way, which is good. I don't have a wife for him.He doesn't have a home yet, but says he wants a small house.
Nana suggested he move into the apartment over her thrift shop. Ok, its my thrift shop. It has alot of miscellaneous accessories and furniture, that I take for my houses. He agreed that would be a good place for him. I will have to put up a partition for the bathroom, its just a big room right now.


This is Grandma. She is a Fisher Price doll. She needs a name.!

The Witch

Ive been decluttering and organizing my craft room. I came across this witch. She came from Hallmark, shes a little taller than she should be, luckily her legs bend , with her legs bent she works in the scale.  She needs a name ! I'd love some ideas....

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Decluttering the craftroom.

I'm still working on organizing and decluttering my craft room. I have 3 houses on the work table right now. All 3 will be sold as soon as they are finished.