Saturday, June 14, 2014

Witches, yep, thats what I said.......

The witch likes Agatha, Esmeralda, and Eusebia, although she cant pronounce the last one yet.  She has asked me to locate her twin sister. She's hiding in my stash somewhere. I don't think she liked the house that was available at the time. The house the witch lives in currently is very run down, its a Tiffany. My boys turned it into a haunted house when the were younger. I am assuming her twin will be moving into the new house when its built, ok she said she'd cast a spell, so I promised her a new house, not so run down but old. She requested 2 bedrooms and a large kitchen so she can cook her stews.  Shes been looking thru all my houses. She walked away for a few minutes and I noticed she had been drawing something.... looks weird to me but I  believe its the blueprint of what she has in mind. I sure hope its not a scratch build.

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