Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Agatha & Agnes

The sisters are having a great time. Agatha wants me to finish the Pierce rehab for them. Agnes doesn't care as long as she has a bed to sleep in. I had to sit them down today and explain that I feel the Pierce is too large. I just don't have room for that big of a house. When it is finished being rehabbed it is going up for sale. I was thinking of building a townhouse for them. I have it in my head just don't have the means for it right now. It would have 4 floors, cellar for the potions, 1st floor would be the parlor and kitchen, 2 &3 rd floor would be a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedrooms would be decorated in the colors of the sisters skirts. I have an Allison Jr. That I was going to sell, but I am thinking of keeping it and letting the sisters have it. It's a rehab so it won't need much work if I give it to them. They want the house to look aged. Maybe if I take them both out of the room until I get it finished they wont be able to tell its the Allison Jr. 

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