Monday, June 16, 2014

Pierce, cant you just see the possibilities ?

Not really !
Ok, maybe....
I tried to tell you the Pierce is torn apart and in a box ! She wants run down, she's got it. !
The other pic of the Pierce is the one sitting on the table, waiting to be rehabbed.
Ms. Witch does not want the one sitting on the table. She likes the 1st floor layout, the parlor is great, the dining area.... could be kitchen and dining, then the kitchen could be the potion storage....
but the 2nd floor needs some major rearranging. I'm afraid to ask.  She said something about the staircase placement, bathroom placement and the bedrooms would have to be the exact same square footage.  The attic area would be great for storage, potion storage, and maybe a library area....
I don't have room for the larger houses. I was hoping she would pick one of the smaller houses. They are witches, come from a long line of witches, but they are good witches. Ms. Witch wants me to fix her hair, so she can remove her hat.  She loves to cook stews. The Pierce is very close to their childhood home. It was rather run down, needed too much work. She wants this Pierce to be solid but look run down, aged. She wants a little landscaping  around the front. 
I currently have 2 projects on the worktable, the Columbian and the Allison Jr. Once those are finished I will start on the Washington. I promised Nana I would work on her house as soon as those 2 were finished.  Then ill start on the mans apartment,  it'll be a quick fix. Then the witches will have their say. I sure hope her sister turns up soon. 

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