Monday, June 16, 2014

In over my head

Well, I'm in over my head. Ms. Witch is causing some trouble. Nana and her got in a argument last night . Ms.Witch wants the scratch built Washington house. Nana asked for it first and I promised it to her. I gave Ms. Witch a few other options the Columbian, Allison Jr., or Tiffany.  She says she'd think about the Allison , but the other 2 or too small. When I went down last night to collect the trash she asked about the pieces sticking out of a box on the floor, I told her it was the Pierce house, but its in horrible shape. I'm not even sure I can save it. We talked for a few and I explained I thought the Allison would be good for the 2 of them. She asked for pics of the Pierce, unfortunately or fortunately I don't have pics of the Pierce. I do have a Pierce already built sitting on the table in the workroom. I hope she don't realize it, I think its too big for just the 2 of them.
I went to bed last night hoping she don't figure out that's a Pierce sitting on the table.  This morning I sat down with my first cup of coffee and heard a horrible commotion downstairs. Ms. Witch woke everyone.  She figured out the houses are the same and accused me of lien. I did not lie to her, I don't have any pics of the Pierce, she did not ask me if I had a already built Pierce.  She does not want the Pierce on the table she wants the Pierce on the floor torn apart, tossed neatly in a box ! She says it will give them plenty of room. Is she crazy? Lets not answer that ?I don't want to keep either house, they are too big. I wanted to sell both of them, or dump the one, its bad, but she wants it.
She explained a little about the family.... they come from a long line of witches. But they are nice witches. She wants the home to look like the one they grew up in... apparently the Pierce looks just like it....she wants it sorta run down, lol, its run down alright !!!   She also has a list of things she wants in the house, renovations done to the house, and she has a few personal things she'd like me to help her with.
I feel way in over my head, I have so many projects to do, including my own home.

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