Monday, June 16, 2014

Allison jr. Are you serious ?

This photo was taken down stairs at the front door. She likes the wallpaper a little. She is NOT happy with the name of the home. I told her she can change to whatever she likes.  This home has 3 floors. The 1st floor would be the living room and kitchen,2nd floor would be bedrooms, 3rd floor would be potion room and bathroom. She thinks the bedrooms would be too small, and the kitchen is way too small. I explained we don't have to stick with the original floor plan. We can add a room off the kitchen, the could share the 2 nd floor and put both beds in there with no wall separating, and use the roof of the room we added on downstairs as a patio. She just laughed, said I had no clue, since I am an only child ! She wants her privacy. Well, we could add another room above the first floor room and split the rooms so they both have the exact same amount of room. OK, I've given my ideas. Maybe she should wait till her sister reappears.

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