Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kellee's Creations

Kellee's Creations  are things I have made for my dollhouses.!!!

My Garden

My Garden

The Newburg,DuraCraft

The Newburg is my Mothes Dollhouse... I built this several years ago for her.  It was a kit build, not a rehab... unfortunaly now it is a rehab.... it needs a few minor things done. The interior walls have fallen.... so I will be gluing those in soon and dusting it. Then I will start furnishing the house. I have it at my home because my Mother does not have room for it at her apartment.

Living Room, still need to add more furniture and make curtains as well as all the finishing touches.

Kitchen, still need to make curtains and add some finishing touches.

Bedroom & Bathroom. I am still looking for a bed... I have one somewhere in my stash. Ive still got to make the curtains and bedding.  I am still going thru my stash for the tub, toilet and sink. I know I have them somewhere just have to go thru it all and find them!

The Pierce Dollhouse

I recieved this house from a mini friend... I have been slowly working on this one....The Pierce 1 can be seen by following the link above....


The Heritage Dollhouse by DuraCraft

A wonderful Mini Friend gave this dollhouse to me a few years ago. It was half completed when I received it. I disassembled the house down to the foundation. Repainted Everything, Stained all the floors, Wallpapered all the rooms. In this Picture the shingles have not yet been done... They are done now so I need to get a new photo. !

This is the Heritage how it arrived... I just LOVED the colors.!! First thing that came to me was a dollhouse shop.... because of the downstairs wallpaper border. There were alot of gaps, between the walls and Foundation. I repaired all the gaps and the house is on its way to being Beautiful.!


I kept the original wallpaper and border in the Living & Dining Rooms.



I fell in love with the wallpaper for the bedroom... I just had to repeat in the second bedroom.!


Well, I had to break up the two bedrooms somehow...

The Heritage.
Shingles are not done in this picture...
since this pic has been taken, shingles are now finished...
I will get pics of the finished house asap.


My Dollhouses

The First Dollhouse I would like to tell you about is the Fisher Price Dollhouse. I received this dollhouse as a Christmas Present from my Nanny & Grandpa when I was a child. I still have this house and all the furniture. This house is very dear to me, when I was a child I can remember my Grandfather and I playing with the house.

The First Dollhouse I built was a kit house called The Ashley. The Ashley was made by DuraCraft. The Ashley I built for my Mother. I added a cute little front yard to the house. My Mother never had her own home, She lived with my Grandparents and cared for them until they went to Heaven. Since then she has lived in an Apartment, stayed with my Husband & I and now she is back in her own Apartment. A very beautiful senior apartment complex. She never had her own House. So this one is like her own little cottage.

The Heritage Dollhouse by DuraCraft was my first rehab. Wow, was it a mess. The foundation was not lined up and had big gaps in it. I took this house completely apart and redone it. It is now sitting in my Dining Room.

The Newburg by DuraCraft I built from the kit. Very lovely house and an easy build. This was another house for my Mother. She picked the colors for the exterior and interior paper. The Furniture was the main reason for building this house. We had made a trip to the Jefferson outlet mall and stopped in at the Bombay shop. They had dollhouse furniture on clearance, we spent way too much money but had a great time. She had to have a house to put all the furniture in.!

Victorias Farmhouse by Real Good Toys... I am still working on this one slowly.! It is made of MDF, I have made few changes to this house, which is called kit bashing. This house is a beautiful farmhouse.

My oldest son & I built a log cabin from DuraCraft in 2004. It was so much fun to work on. It is made of real wood, and is just beautiful.! We are still putting finishing touches on this one...

I built a Barn for my youngest son in 2003, He loves horses and needed a home for his Breyer horses. He still has this barn in his bedroom. We are still adding finishes touches to this one as well.!

The Tiffany house kit, my oldest son found at a yard sale and bought it for me. He was about 8 years old. I started building it as a Christmas shoppe. Before I could get the pieces glued together my oldest son took the pieces, traced them and asked me to cut them out of luan. I did and the boys built a Haunted House from those pieces.!

The 4 in 1 kit by Artply. This kit has 4 different fronts to make a Church, Schoolhouse, Firehouse or General Store. I had wanted a General Store for a long while... so I built this kit as the General store.... added a staircase on the outside that leads to a efficiency apartment for he owner.

The Adobe is a Scratch built house that is based on a kit. This dollhouse is built from Aspen wood. It was damaged in our move to our house several years ago.... I need to repair the pieces that were destroyed.

 A Frame dollhouse  is a scratch built house made from Plywood. It is a BIG house. This is a rehab project.

I have 2 Pierce dollhouses, both are rehab projects. The Pierce I is probably in the worst shape. The Pierce II is in a little better condition but both still need ALOT of work.!

The Saloon is a house shell I picked up from Freecycle. I am not sure what the original owner had in mind when they started it but It reminds me of a saloon.The downstairs area will be a bar area with a staircase leading upstairs. Since there is an upstairs with 2 windows overlooking the patio, there will be a brothel upstairs. Yep, I said Brothel. lol; I am hoping to make 2 Ladies for the brothel... I have never tried making dolls so it may turn out rather interesting.. The Saloon will be made of luan. I am stil working on names for the buisness.! :)

My First try at making furniture....

Here are a few pictures of some of the furniture I have built for the dollhouses. Please remember this was when I first started about 12 years ago.... Needless to say I am embarressed to be showing


Sink and Toilet.


Kitchen Sink and Cabinets....

Snake Plant.... I am still making these...

Doll baby bed for the dollhouse child... LOL, did that make sense... ok 1/4 scale dollhouse bed.... This is made from toothpicks and a matchbox. !!!

Shenandoah Log Cabin Dollhouse

Shenandoah Log Cabin Dollhouse

This is the Shenandoah Log Cabin Dollhouse, kit was made by Dura Craft. This version is made of MDF, I do not like MDF. It is easy to work with but there is no way to make it look like wood.... and a Log Cabin should look like wood.! WE are still working on this one as well.... I don't think any of my houses are completely finished.! I always find something to do to them... The Front porch stone work and the Chimney on this are made from egg cartons.!!!

A-Frame House

I picked up this house from Craigslist a little over a year ago. It is HUGE. Roughly 2' X 4' .

back side of A-Frame house, this panel is removable

front door & Porch

interior of house, 2 rooms on bottom floor and 1 on second floor.
back side of house, garage ?

bottom floor (garage area ?)

upstairs ceiling.

upstairs window

upstairs skylight

Westide Memories !! What do you remember ?

What do you Remember ?

I was born and raised on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. I have some great memories ! I lived in Lincoln village south. Lincoln village south is located on west broad street west of 270, on the south side of the road. The boundaries are west broad street, grener road to the east, old sullivant ave to the south and Redmond / hiler roads to the west.
This page is all about the westside of Columbus. History, past attractions, stores from the past. Memories of great times. A blast from the past.

Do you remember Zantigos restaurant ? I love the cheese chilito !
It was located on west broad street, in front of the old Kmart store.

Do you remember the drive in movies on west broad where the target store is now ?

Hilliard rome road is called "Rome hilliard road" by the folks that live nearby.

Do you remember the talking tree at Lazarus ?

Or the carousel in the jr bootery shoe store in the Lincoln village plaza, they had a "small door" and a regular sized door for their customers.

How about Moore's ice cream on the corner of norton and hall road, small white building, gravel lot.... And a line out the door every evening.

What do you remember ?
please share... I am also hoping to get photos of the old landmarks from around the area.

Queen Cast Iron Cook Stove

I received this Queen Anne Cook Stove with a rehab house I picked up from craigslist. I love this piece it is very heavy and I love the old look of this.

A day in the life of.....

I am working on making my blog easier to read and keep up with. I have alot going on right now so I may not have much to share about my dollhouses. With my Boys just starting back to school yesterday, just let me tell you yesterday was so boring.!!!! Wrestling season getting ready to start here in the next couple of months.... oldest son learning to drive and taking driving education... and myself working and decluttering our home and my craft room... I am beat by the end of the day... I will try to keep this blog updated on my progress with the decluttering of the craft room and my dollhouses..... I am also going to start going back to the gym in the next month. I miss it, and I felt so much better when I was working out.