Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hello, I have alot of plans for this year. The main plan is to declutter my Real Life home. We have lived her 10 years and have alot we don't use. So I will going thru every room in our home and decluttering and organizing. We have alot going on and changing in our lives right now. Our Oldest son is now 18 and will be Graduating High School this June. We are so very proud of him. Our youngest son started High School last year. I am now working 2 part time jobs and enjoy both very much. We want to declutter our home to make room for the things we enjoy. I will be sharing our progress here along with my crafting fun.! My craft room is a real mess, I cannot walk in the room right now. We decluttered, deep cleaned and painted our Kitchen in January. We also decluttered, deep cleaned and rearrangd our dining room in January. I love both rooms much more now. I still have some work to do in the Dining room but hope to have it done this month. I have also been working in our basement, We have 4  rooms down there...full bath, family room, craft room and a large room.! We want to rearrange and decutter the basement as well. It's the worst area in our home.!
I took everything to the basement during our decluttering and its  waiting to be donated or sold. Our Weather has been awful here and I havent gotten rid of as much as I would have liked so far. We got another 2" of snow last night, so I will be shoveling snow in about an hour.! YUCK!  As I declutter and work on my crafts,dollhouses and organizing I will post photos. I will be selling alot of my craft supplies, and things I have made. I just can't keep it all.!

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